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President Robert Manuel

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UIndy's Values & Framing Principles

The University’s Strategic “Lenses” and Focal Points help to guide the alignment of the institution’s physical assets adjacent areas – serving as a key differentiator. Integral to this strategy is “placemaking” or the planning, design and management of public spaces designed to encourage the gathering of people. Increasingly, universities are becoming more aware of how it’s physical environment (campus) and spaces influence the overall experience for students, faculty and staff.  “Better” campuses result in enhanced places for public interactions inspiring a creative atmosphere that welcomes student, alumni, faculty, staff, neighbors and partners to advance the institution as well inspire community growth.

Effective strategic processes require input from across the organization. The University’s Vision 2030 process began with the “ideation phase,” bringing together more than 1,600 sources of input from a diverse population of students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, trustees, and the community—producing more than 5,500 ideas.

A “Framing” structure or principles were developed from these ideas, resulting in the University’s values. These values are used to provide the foundation, serving to frame concepts to be preserved and enhanced:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Transformational Experiences
  • Community Engagement
  • Relevance
  • Impact
  • Quality
  • Access
  • Innovation
  • Service
  • Tradition
  • Well-being and Community Safety
  • Evidence-based Decision-Making
  • Financial and Resource Stewardship