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At a Glance

Provost's Council 

Dr. Stephen Kolison, Jr.

Executive Vice President and Provost

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Dr. Lashun Aron

Director of Academic Initiatives, School for Adult Learning

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Mary Beth Bagg, Associate Provost for Academic Systems

Dr. Mary Beth Bagg

Associate Provost for Academic Systems

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Dr. Jodie Ferise

Associate Provost for International Engagement and Shared Governance

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Dr. Ellen Miller

Associate Provost for Research & Graduate Programs
Executive Director, Center for Aging & Community

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Dr. Travis Miller

Interim Dean, Shaheen College of Arts & Sciences

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Dr. Mary Moore, Professor of Sociology, Social Sciences

Dr. Mary Moore

Associate Vice President of Accreditation, Office of Accreditation

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Dr. Colleen Sheehy, School of Education

Dr. Colleen Mulholland

Interim Dean, School of Education

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