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At a Glance

Undergraduate Certificate
in Aging Studies

Undergraduates in any area of study who have an interest in learning about or working with older adults are encouraged to earn the Undergraduate Certificate in Aging Studies. Students with a certificate in aging studies may find themselves to be more employable in a marketplace that increasingly works to meet the needs of a growing older adult population.

CAC provides four undergraduate core gerontology courses that may be taken individually as electives or may be completed together by students who want to earn the certificate. The courses are open to all students currently enrolled in a degree program at UIndy, as well as to individuals in the community who wish to take the courses through the Lifelong Learning College without being enrolled in a degree-seeking program.


The courses are all offered in a completely online format, making it convenient for busy students to complete course work around their other courses and work schedules. Students enrolled in the School for Adult Learning (SAL) program have the option to take these courses online with permission from their advisor.

Students enrolled in these undergraduate courses can expect to interact with older adults in their own communities, engage in a curriculum that uses interactive media, and participate in discussions with classmates and experts from various backgrounds and locations around the world.

Certificate Requirements

Four courses (12 credit hours):

GERO 301-Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Aging*
GERO 305-Physical Dimensions of Aging
GERO 310-Aging in Society & Community
GERO 320-Psychology of Aging

*GERO 301fulfills the following category in the General Education Core curriculum:
Engagement Local/Global Communities/Theoretical 

NOTE: Two courses are offered each Fall and Winter semester. All four courses are offered in the Summer session.

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