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Department of Math & Computer Science

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Real life application

Whether you're studying calculus or computer programming, the basic languages used in math and computer science are universal and critical to everyday decision-making. At UIndy, you'll practice these applications through relevant projects and coursework. Classes survey a broad spectrum of the elements of math and computer science, ensuring that you graduate with a deep wealth of practical knowledge. What does calculus have to do with designing roller coasters? Learn more ►

A center of career opportunities

Math and computer science majors and degree holders can take advantage of a healthy job market in Indianapolis. There are a number of high-capital businesses in the Indianapolis area—like insurance companies—that can provide you with internships and even jobs after graduation.

Collective intelligence

As a UIndy student, you'll find yourself in a supportive environment dedicated to learning and involvement. With small class sizes, you can work alongside other students, developing your competence in respective fields together. The smaller class sizes also enable classes to push forward quicker, allowing you to dig deeper in your studies. Additionally, you can gain experience teaching others through the Math Lab, which employs students to work as tutors during regular school hours.