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Excited about going to college but a little concerned about eating on campus for the next four years? Maybe you’ve heard rumors from older siblings or friends that college life consists of all-you-can-eat buffets full of the same boring foods all too happy to help you pack on the dreaded “Freshman 15.”

That’s definitely not the case at UIndy. We have several dining options, including tons of healthy choices, all served to you by the friendly and helpful staff of UIndy Dining Services.

Still not convinced? Don't take our word for it. Newsweek ranked UIndy as one of the top schools for best food!

You have choices when it comes to eating at UIndy

What’s for dinner?

You decide! With so much variety, you won’t get tired of eating in UIndy’s dining hall. The many options include home-cooked recipes handed down for more than 30 years. Plus, the design of UIndy’s dining hall reduces wait time, so you can come any time without standing in long lines.

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Students enjoy conversation and food in UIndy's main dining hall

Meal plans

UIndy offers several meal plans depending on the type of student you are. In addition to traditional meal plans for the dining hall, students may add money to their ID cards to use in other locations on campus.

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Personal attention doesn't stop in the classroom, custom food options for any diet

Personal service

UIndy Dining Services prepares all food on campus, and personal service is a top priority. The staff goes out of its way to make the UIndy dining experience special and work with students who have special dietary needs.

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