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Supervisory Institute

For more than 60 years, the University of Indianapolis has provided training for businesses and individuals. Whether you are a new supervisor or experienced manager, the Supervisory Institute (SI) will develop and enhance your leadership skills. This seminar is a comprehensive, two-day knowledge- and skill-building workshop for those wanting to improve their leadership and management abilities.

Who should attend?

  • Newly promoted supervisors and middle managers with less than two years in a supervisory position
  • Project managers with supervisory responsibilities
  • Supervisors with little or no recent management training or education
  • Supervisory personnel with fewer than two years of supervisory experience with your company
  • Employees in leadership roles (e.g., executive secretaries, team leaders, office managers, etc.)

Typical topics

Training topics are facilitated by a practitioner/facilitator from the University of Indianapolis or the private sector. The following are topics offered through the Division for Professional Engagement.

Quality Management
Conflict Resolution 
Critical Thinking 
Entrepreneur Training 
Connecting Generations 
Art of Effective Communication 
Learning Styles
Multiple Intelligences
Reverse Mentoring 
Character and Ethics Training 
Crisis Management 
Team Building 
Learning Transfer
Trust Communications 
Emotional Intelligence 
Cognition Influence and Power   
Strategic Thinking
You're a New Supervisor, Now What?
Stress Management
Organizational Change 
Situational Leadership 
Instructional Systems 
Learning Theory
Making Personal Values Public

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2017 Spring Supervisory Institute

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2017 Summer Supervisory Institute

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Solutions-based training for businesses

DPE offers contract training for businesses, specially designed to meet your organization's needs. Learn more ►

These programs can also be offered at your business location with special pricing. For information and pricing, please contact the Division for Professional Engagement at or call 317-788-3393.