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How Much Will It Cost to Attend UIndy?

Graduate student expense budget

As a graduate student, your financial planning should include consideration for tuition expense, which is typically the primary billable or direct charge you will incur from the University of Indianapolis. It should also include an evaluation of your indirect living expenses that may impact your ability to pay for your college education. The combined total of these direct and indirect expenses is referred to as your Cost of Attendance (COA). A student's COA, or expense budget for one academic year, is made up of five principle parts:

  • Tuition and fees (your bill)
  • Room and board (generally reflects off-campus living for a graduate student)
  • Books and supplies
  • Transportation
  • Miscellaneous expenses

Helpful tip:  You may be awarded aid to cover your tuition and fees (your bill) as well as a portion or all of the indirect expenses detailed within your individual student budget.  

Tuition rates

Below is a list of programs and the cost per credit hour or flat tuition charge for 2017-18. Some programs may include additional costs and fees. Full-time graduate students (9 or more credit hours per semester/Nursing 8 or more credit hours) will also be charged a $80 technology fee, $80 health services fee, and a $105 general service fee.  Part-time graduate students as well as graduate students enrolled in online degree programs will be charged a $50 general service fee.

Key: *Represents a flat fee.  |  **Represents complete degree program tuition for new cohorts admitted 2017-18.

Shaheen College of Arts & Sciences

Post-Baccalaureate BioMedical Graduate Certificate.....$508

TESOL Certificate.....$508

Dual-Credit Teaching Certificates in English, U.S. History, or Life Sciences.....$470


MA and MS programs, Arts & Sciences.....$508
-Anatomical Sciences
-Applied Sociology
-Human Biology
-International Relations
-Life Sciences

Master of Social Practice Art.....$600


College of Health Sciences

Doctorate in Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy (fall & winter semesters combined).....*$27,990

Doctorate in Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy (Summer Entry Level).....*$7,544

Master's in Occupational Therapy.....$872

OT & PT Fee per year.....$50

Doctor of Health Science (DHSc).....$508

Doctoral Project and independent study rate for DHSc.....$872

Sport Management.....$478

Master of Health Care Management.....$508

MS in Athletic Training.....*$13,930

MS in Athletic Training (Summer Entry Level).....*$5,900

Master of Public Health (MPH).....$612

Graduate Certificate in Health Professions Education .......$508

Master of Science in Gerontology.....$508

Graduate Certificate in Gerontology.....$508


School of Business

MA and MBA Independent Studies.....$898

MBA (Evening).....$598

MBA (Off-Campus Cohort).....$598

MBA (Full-time, one year).....**$35,536

MBA (Saturday Executive. Tuition listed is annual) .....*$14,595

Master in Management.....$598


School of Education


Teach (STEM)3.....**$19,996

MBA Woodrow Wilson Fellowship.....**$40,000


Curriculum & Instruction.....$428


School of Nursing

Master's in Nursing (on campus).....$692

Master's in Nursing (off-campus cohorts).....$475

Doctor of Nursing Practice (on campus).....$692


College of Applied Behavioral Sciences 

Doctorate and MA in Psychology (licensable).....$898

MA in Psychology (non-licensable).....$600

Master of Social Work (1-Year Advance Standing).....$498

Master of Social Work (2-Year Program).....$498


School for Adult Learning

Master's in Strategic Leadership & Design.....$478

MPS in Human Resource Development & Administration....$478

MPS in Real Estate Development & Construction Management.....$478

Graduate Certificate in Health Care Consumer Advocacy.....$478


Online School of Nursing Programs

Master's in Nursing Education/Nursing & Health Systems Leadership (online).....$475


Graduate budget

Note: Budget below reflects MA/MS tuition rate for 6 credit hours per semester. Degree programs will vary. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for more specific information.

  Per Semester Academic Year
Tuition   $3,048   $6,096
Fee   $50   $100
Total Direct Cost   $3,098   $6,196

Room and Board
(assume off-campus)
  $4,575   $9,150
Books and Supplies   $312   $624
Transportation   $1,111   $2,222
Miscellaneous   $1,048   $2,096
Total Indirect Cost   $7,046   $14,092

Total Cost of Education (Estimated)