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For more than 100 years, the University of Indianapolis has built a strong educational foundation. Our alumni have entered the world able to think critically, communicate with relevance, lead with authenticity and creatively solve problems for their communities. UIndy has impacted the lives of thousands of students. With your help, we can continue to provide transformative experiences for future Greyhounds.

Francesca Zappia, Class of 2015
“There are so many opportunities for students. It's just a really great place to develop yourself.”
Francesca Zappia '15

Francesca earned her degree in computer science. But she also is an author, having written Made You Up, a novel that was picked up by a national publisher to wide acclaim, was published in several languages and drew comparisons to John Green. At UIndy, she wasn’t required to choose one strength over another; she was able to nurture both aspects of her nature—the creative and analytical. But not every student can expect royalty checks. And for students nationally, average loan debt continues to rise; the average 2015 graduate with student loans will have to pay back a little more than $35,000. At UIndy, nearly 9 of 10 students receive financial aid to help pay for tuition; $11,500 is the average amount awarded annually per student for UIndy scholarships and need-based grants.

Linda Dillman, Class of 1976
“UIndy not only teaches students how to be successful, but also how to make a difference in their communities and the world around us.”
Linda Dillman '76
Chief Information Officer, QVC

Linda was taking classes at the University to become a secretary when a professor noticed her potential and encouraged her to aspire to more. Since her graduation she has gone on to lead a world-class IT team at HP and was instrumental in transforming the supply chain management model for Wal-Mart—and for the retail industry as a whole. In the 1970s, only 13 percent of women were earning bachelor’s degrees nationally, and fewer than 100 women earned degrees from the University of Indianapolis each year. Last May alone, the University conferred degrees to more than 500 women—more than half the graduating class.

Jim Hurrell, Class of 1984
“UIndy has provided the foundation for everything I've achieved in my career—opportunities I would have never dreamed of.”
Jim Hurrell '84
Director, National Center for Atmospheric Research

A childhood love for weather led Jim to double major in mathematics and earth-space sciences at the University. Professor William Gommel arranged an internship for him at the Indianapolis office of the National Weather Service, which led him to graduate study in atmospheric science. Among his many accomplishments, Jim is co-chair of the World Climate Research Programme Project on Climate Variability and Predictability. Internships may have been unusual in the 1980s, but today, 86 percent of UIndy students have had an internship experience. Eighty-five percent of recent UIndy graduates were either employed or in graduate school within a year of graduation; 97 percent were employed within five years.  UIndy students now begin planning from day one for an internship or professional mentoring through the Professional Edge Center.

Faustin N'Tala, Class of 2002
“This is a community that is open to helping every learner be successful. The University stood by me throughout my education.”
Faustin N'Tala '02

A chance meeting with President G. Benjamin Lantz, who was visiting the Democratic Republic of Congo, resulted in Faustin N’Tala and his wife, Euphrasie ’03, coming to UIndy to become teachers. Today they teach at the International School of Indiana and have created Waza Alliance for Quality Education, which prepares teachers and community leaders—more than 1,000 so far—in their troubled home country. They are living the University’s “Education for Service” motto, and are changing countless lives. The international student population in the U.S. has grown 72 percent since 2000. Nine percent of UIndy undergraduates (higher than all but two Hoosier universities) and eight percent of its graduate students are international, with students from Albania to Zimbabwe—more than 50 countries each year. 

Ryan Barnett, Class of 2013
“My four years were filled with relationships and mentoring from a lot of people who set me up not only to be successful in the future, but also to have good values.”
Ryan Barnett ' 13
Medical Student, IU School of Medicine