The College of

Health Sciences

UIndy’s College of Health Sciences offers nationally ranked programs within the Krannert School of Physical Therapy, the School of Occupational Therapy, and in kinesiology and athletic training, preparing students for a wide variety of health and sports-related professions.

With associate to doctoral level degree offerings, programs within the College educate all levels of students to positively impact the health of the community. Graduate certificate and special certification programs also are available.

The College is distinguished through rigorous academics, research, applied learning in clinical settings, and highly competitive internships.

The College will host an open house on Sept. 13 for students interested in our physical and occupational therapy programs.



Physical Therapist Assistant

The Physical Therapist (PTA) associate degree program prepares students to work as assistants in a variety of settings to help relieve and correct injuries.

Pre-Occupational Therapy

The pre-occupational therapy track allows students to earn a bachelor's degree while meeting the prerequisites for admission into a graduate occupational therapy program.

Pre-Physical Therapy

The pre-physical therapy track allows students to earn a bachelor's degree while meeting the requirements for admission into a graduate physical therapy program.



 The Department of Kinesiology offers majors in four areas:

Students benefit from opportunities that stem from UIndy's relationships with many local health and sport organizations.

Athletic Training

Students in the athletic training program are given a wealth of professional opportunities by going to school in the amateur sports capital of the country and home of the NCAA headquarters.






Occupational Therapy

The Master's of Occupational Therapy program prepares students for entry-level clinical practice, while a Master of Health Science degree allows practicing students to build more intensive clinical, teaching, administrative and research skills.

Physical Therapy

The Master of Health Science in physical therapy allows students to advance their skills in clinical practice, with a focus in orthopedic, neurologic, pediatric or geriatric physical therapy.

Master of Science in Sport Management

The Master of Science in Sport Management program prepares students for careers within an intercollegiate athletics department, conference office or national governing agency.

Master of Public Health

The Master of Public Health (MPH) degree prepares students for careers as community-based public health practitioners. The applied curriculum provides students with the ability to understand and use evidence to positively impact the community’s health.



Occupational Therapy

This full-time program prepares students to enter practice in the profession of occupational therapy, building a strong foundation that allows for future specialization after graduation.

The Doctor of Health Science degree allows occupational therapists to pursue advanced studies while continuing to work in a clinical setting. 

Physical Therapy

Students are rigorously prepared to enter the field of physical therapy and are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to function as PTs in increasingly complex and independent roles.

Practicing physical therapists can expand their skills in specialty areas with a doctorate degree.

Graduate Certificates

Licensed OTs and PTs can continue their education with graduate certificates in geriatrics, neurology, orthopedics, pediatrics and hand/upper extremity rehabilitation.