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At a Glance

Honors Program Admission

Learn how the Honors program is helping students get more out of their education.

Distinguished admission

As an entering freshman, you'll be invited to the Honors College if you're a Presidential Scholar, a Dean's Scholar, or Lugar Scholar with Distinguished Admission. You can formally apply for full admission in your second semester. Application is also open to transfer and current students with a cumulative GPA of 3.3 and at least 28 earned semester hours.


All students are given equal opportunity to complete the Honors section of the freshman seminar. Students who are interested in the Honors program and who receive a grade of B or higher in the course are eligible for entry. All self-selected Honors students must maintain the necessary membership requirements.

Application process

If you were invited to apply to the Honors College, or if you requested an application after achieving the self-selection requirements, you must submit the application along with two supporting written letters of recommendation. If you have completed an Honors course, at least one of the recommendations must be from your Honors course professor. Other applicants should have at least one recommendation from a professor outside of their major. Recommendations may accompany your application or be submitted directly by your professors. All application materials must be submitted to Dr. James Williams in Esch Hall 210.