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Associate in Life Science

The Associate in Life Science degree provides additional education in an accelerated format for those who have already completed an accredited program in such areas of practice as paramedic, radiology technology and surgical technology. Before entering this program, you must hold certification from the state and national certifying organization in your field.

This program emphasizes knowledge and skills in the life sciences, including biology, psychology and sociology, along with leadership and management courses that will help you provide clients and patients with a higher level of care.

In addition, you may receive credit from previously completing a technical program in your field. Because the program is offered through the School for Adult Learning, all classes except BIOL-103 and 104 are in the accelerated format.

Classes in the program include:

University Core (18 credit hours)
SAL-101 Return to Learning
ENGL-101 English Composition
ENGL-102 Western World Literature and Composition
COMM-100 Public Speaking or COMM-200 Business and Professional Communication
MATH-108 Discovery in Mathematics
PHIL-201 Ethics
COMP-150 Microcomputer Applications

Psycho/Social Support Courses (9 credit hours)
PSY-120 Introduction to Psychology
SOC-101 Principles of Sociology
SOC-103 Social Problems

Skill Support Courses (14 credit hours)
BIOL-103 Principles of Human Anatomy
BIOL-104 Principles of Human Physiology
MGT-281 Management
ORGL-302 Introduction to Leadership Theories & Models

Guided Electives (16 credit hours)
Courses selected based on student's specific needs

For more information, contact
Kathy Hancher, Academic Advisor, School for Adult Learning
Chelsea Ward, Academic Advisor, School for Adult Learning