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Nurse Management Graduate Certificate

The Nurse Management certificate gives you additional training in the skills needed to become a nurse manager. Through these courses, you'll learn to:

  • Apply sound budgeting strategies to the management and control of departments
  • Use organizational theories and principles of human resource management that incorporate caring attributes to improve and promote quality nursing care
  • Identify and analyze issues between clinical nursing practice and health care administration to provide leadership in resolving conflicts or perceived conflicts between business practices and quality health care outcomes
  • Demonstrate creativity and critical thinking in the resolution of business problems
  • Share a vision for spiritually sensitive and culturally aware change strategies and take calculated risks to enhance the quality of health care delivery systems

Program length

The Nurse Management certificate program consists of three courses totaling 10 credit hours. These credits can be applied to an MSN in Nursing & Health Systems Leadership if you decide to continue on to a master's degree program.


The entire certificate program can be completed online. Courses are not self-paced; there are weekly assignments, along with papers and projects due throughout the semester. Students should plan to spend approximately four hours per week, per credit hour on readings, learning exercises, team projects, class discussion and library work.

Online courses or course components require basic computer skills. Not sure where you stand? Take a free skills assessment ►


Tuition for the 2016-17 academic year is $692 per credit hour. Learn more about financial aid for graduate students. ►

When can I start?

Classes are offered on a regular semester schedule. Students can apply at any time and begin courses in August, January or May.