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UIndy Police: 317-788-3333
At a Glance

Vehicle Registration

Parking on campus is free for faculty, staff and students, but all vehicles must be registered and display the appropriate permit. Parking permits are available in the Student Business Center, Schwitzer room 207.

To obtain a permit, you will need:
    •    UIndy ID
    •    License plate number(s)
    •    Vehicle registration information (make, model, registration expiration date)

Permit display

Students, faculty, and staff members must register each vehicle they plan to operate on campus. The parking permit should be displayed in the bottom corner of the windshield on the passenger side. A current parking permit must be displayed whenever the vehicle is parked or operated on campus, regardless of parking enforcement restriction times.
Parking permits are color-coded in the following categories and reflect the status of the vehicle’s driver:
    •    Green–faculty and staff
    •    Red–resident students
    •    Gray–Greyhound Village resident students
    •    Yellow–commuter students

Vehicle operation privileges

All University premises, including grounds, driveways and parking areas, are private property. Enrolled students, faculty, staff, visitors and other persons engaged in legitimate business with the University may operate motor vehicles on University property as long as they abide by all state, city-county and University ordinances and regulations pertaining to vehicle registration, operation and parking. The speed limit on campus is 15 miles per hour or as posted. Parking lots are marked by signs stating parking restrictions.

For purposes of definition, a motor vehicle is any conveyance powered by an engine of 50cc displacement or greater.

Vehicle condition

Motor vehicles on the UIndy campus must be maintained in proper operating condition. Disabled or damaged vehicles will not be allowed to remain on campus. Vehicles not displaying valid license plates also will be removed from University property at the violator’s expense.