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Before You Apply: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of living in a Residence Hall?

Some of the advantages are convenience, cost, community, and safety. Living in a residence hall provides a great avenue for personal and educational growth. Students living in residence hall communities are more likely to attain academic success. Students will have the opportunity to become involved in hall government, as well as organized social and educational activities. On-campus living also provides convenient walking distance to early morning classes.

May I choose a roommate?

We will make every effort to place friends together. Roommate requests must be mutual, and will be honored on a space-available basis. If possible, housing applications should be submitted together or around the same time. We honor roommate preferences before residence hall preferences, so both persons should request the same residence hall.

How are rooms and roommates assigned?

If a specific roommate is not requested, you will be assigned a roommate based upon your housing deposit date and the information you provided on your application. Students may not request to live with someone of a specific race or nationality. Living with students from different backgrounds complements the classroom education. Residence hall assignments are consistent with the University's commitment to a stated policy of nondiscrimination.

Are single rooms available?

East Hall is our only hall that consists of all single rooms. This building is open to all upper-class students (sophomore-senior). Singles in the other Residence halls are only available if extra space exists. There is an additional charge per semester a single room.

Which residence halls have rooms that are accessible for students with disabilities?

Cory Bretz Hall, Central Hall, East Hall and Roberts Hall

Will the residence halls be open during vacation breaks?

Yes and no. Meal service is not available during vacation periods (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break). All of the Residence Halls do stay open during the break periods for students who need to stay. There is an additional charge for each of these break periods. Students staying over the breaks will need to pay an additional fee to cover the cost of additional housing and security. (Cost: Thanksgiving - $60; Christmas - $200; Spring Break - $90)

What if I do not like my residence hall or roommate assignment?

After housing assignments are sent out, it is very difficult for them to be changed. However, housing adjustment requests may be made by contacting your residence hall staff after the first two weeks of classes.

What if I need to arrive before the scheduled move-in day?

Only students who are approved through campus organizations, offices, or athletic teams will be permitted to move in prior to move-in day.

Should I purchase renters' insurance before arrive on campus?

The University is not responsible for the loss of money or valuables, damages to property, or injuries on the premises. Students are encouraged to purchase renter's insurance or make arrangements with an insurance company to insure coverage of personal belongings.

What are the dimensions of my room?

Room sizes vary greatly from hall to hall and even within individual halls. A common room size is 17' x 9' or slightly smaller. Since room assignments are not fixed and could change before you arrive, it is difficult to give exact room dimensions. If you choose to bring carpet, it is recommended that you wait to cut it until you move in.

How long are the beds?

You will need extra-long twin sheets (80" x 36"), which are available at retail stores. .

Are rooms hard to get?

Spaces are routinely available in the residence halls, but assignments are determined by the date the housing deposit and application are received. The earlier the housing materials are completed and returned, the better the chance of receiving your requested assignment.

If the person I want to live with has not yet been admitted, may I still request that person as a roommate?

No. However, as soon as the person is admitted and has paid a deposit you will be able to go online and update your application with his information as your roommate request. If the request is mutual, every effort will be made to honor the request; however, there is no guarantee.

Which residence hall has access to the Internet?

All residence halls have in-room access to the Internet and are wireless.

When will I know my housing assignment?

Housing assignments will be mailed to your home address in July. This mailing will include housing information and also information on how to see your roommate information through MyUIndy.

What should I bring to campus?

We've put together a helpful list for you!

Where do I get other information on Residence Life?

If you have any questions concerning housing, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Residence Life at 317-788-3530 or