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Alternative Credit Options

The University of Indianapolis recognizes a number of opportunities for you to earn college credit through testing programs or through prior learning (what you have learned from life and work experiences). 

Testing Programs

Three different types of testing programs are available:

  1. National testing programs designed for the purpose of awarding credit
  2. University tests designed for awarding credit.
  3. University tests designed for granting exemption or determining placement.

National Testing Programs

UIndy participates in three national credit-by-examination programs:

The CLEP and DSST programs are administered through the Testing Administrator located in the School for Adult Learning office; the Excelsior College Examinations program is administered at national Prometric testing sites; AP tests and IB exams are administered through local high schools.

Learn how to register for a CLEP or DSST Exam ►

Prior Learning Assessment

If you are a student who has nontraditional learning that meets the necessary criteria, you may be eligible to seek academic credit through the portfolio process. Credit is granted for learning, not experience! The Prior Learning Assessment portfolio process provides you with an opportunity to earn credit for learning outside the confines of a traditional classroom. Benefits of the PLA portfolio include:

  • A four times increased likelihood to graduate than those who do not use PLA.
  • Saving, on average, between 2.5 months to one year in completion time.
  • Earning a higher grade point average upon completion of your program, which will be listed on your transcript for employers to review and be impressed by.
  • Potentially reducing the cost of your program significantly.

Learn more about Prior Learning Assessment ►

Have questions?

For more information about testing programs or prior learning assessment, please contact:

Kathy Hancher, Academic Liaison and Prior Learning Coordinator
University of Indianapolis
1400 East Hanna Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46227-3697
800-232-8634, extension 3393