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School for Adult Learning Undergraduate Programs

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School for Adult Learning Associate & Certificate Programs

In addition to our accelerated bachelor's degree programs, UIndy's School for Adult Learning offers the following associate and undergraduate certificate programs.

Associate degree

Emergency & Disaster Management

Certificate programs

UIndy's Emergency & Disaster Management programs prepare you for careers in emergency management and public safety. Courses help you become a highly trained professional with the skills and knowledge to prepare for and respond to disasters of any scale. Learn more about our Emergency & Disaster Management programs ►

The Industrial & Corporate Security Management certificate is an 18 credit hour certificate that prepares you to manage operations related to workplace security, including human, IT and other physical assets of the organization. You can complete the certificate in as little as two semesters.

Courses include:

  • Foundations of Industrial and Corporate Security (ICSM 200)
  • Crime Prevention (CRIM 370)
  • Threat and Hazard Analysis (EDM 275)
  • Securing Human Assets (ICSM 300)
  • Securing IT and Physical Assets (ICSM 320)
  • Corporate Security Communications (ICSM 350)

This certificate provides a good foundation for careers in such fields as security management (ranging from small organizations to large corporations); computer, IT, and network security; or human resources management.

The Nonprofit Management certificate is an 18 credit hour certificate that prepares you to lead and manage nonprofit organizations of varied size and focus. You can complete this certificate in as little as two semesters.

Courses Include:

  • Introduction to Nonprofit Leadership (NPM 200)
  • Program Management and Evaluation (NPM 300)
  • Strategic Planning in the Nonprofit Sector (NPM 320)
  • Marketing and Communications in the Nonprofit Sector (NPM 350)
  • Fund Development (CLE 310)
  • Social Entrepreneurship (CLE 320)

This certificate allows you to follow a number of career paths, but is especially suited for students who want to pursue careers in nonprofit management, a field with increasing employment opportunities, especially in the education and health care sectors.