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UIndy is a national testing center for both DSST and CLEP exams. This means that we will proctor these exams for you at the University whether or not you are a UIndy student. Hence, all exams are available to be taken at UIndy, whether or not they are accepted at UIndy, because you may take these exams here for credit at another college or university. If you are not a UIndy student, your college should have its own list of what will be accepted and how it will be counted towards your degree program. Credit granting policies vary by institution.

High school students may take Advanced Placement courses while in high school. At the end of these courses, they register for the equivalent AP exam. If they achieve a score of 3 or higher on an AP exam, UIndy will award college credit based upon the results of these AP exams. Hence, the AP exams are listed below because UIndy accepts the results of these exams; however, these exams are not available to be taken by students already enrolled at UIndy.

The University of Indianapolis observes the American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations for awarding credit. The minimum required ACE score is indicated on each of the Test Lists above. If you meet or exceed the passing score, you will be awarded credit in accordance with the Registrar's current guidelines for awarding testing credit at UIndy (which may NOT match this Web page). For more information about testing programs, learn more.


If differences exist between the Test Lists published on this Web page and the Registrar's current credit-awarding policies, the Registrar's current policies will prevail.

  • BEFORE you take any of these exams, it is YOUR responsibility to verify with your Key Advisor (and/or the Registrar's Office) that the University of Indianapolis still counts the exam that you want to take towards the graduation requirements at UIndy -- and HOW it will be counted. Some tests count only for credit hours; others count for a specific course. Some count for both. Some divisions of the University may count certain tests differently. Your Key Advisor determines how these exams will be counted towards YOUR graduation requirements.

  • If you do not pass an exam, you may not take the same exam again for 180 days.

  • Proctor and testing fees are NOT refundable.

Summary of UIndy testing rules (PDF)
University of Indianapolis Testing Information