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At a Glance

Eligibility for Services 

Qualifying for Disability Services

To qualify for disability services from Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD), a student must:

  1. Apply and be accepted for admission to the University of Indianapolis through the regular admission process.
  2. Submit the Disability Accommodation Request Form (DARF) to the SSD office.
  3. Submit comprehensive and age appropriate documentation of a disability that requires accommodations to the SSD office. See documentation guidelines. ►
    • Students with physical disabilities, mobility impairments, visual impairments, hearing impairments, or chronic health disorders must submit the verification form completed by a licensed medical professional.
    • Students with learning and attention disabilities must submit a psycho-educational report completed within the last three to four years by a licensed psychologist to the SSD office, in addition to the proper verification form. Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are often insufficient as age appropriate and comprehensive documentation.
    • Note: Records submitted to SSD are systematically destroyed after 5 years unless the student is still enrolled at the University. Students should keep the original copy of their own documentation.
  1. Discuss specific needs by scheduling an appointment with the SSD by calling 317-788-6153 or visiting Schwitzer Center 206.

Submitting documentation

It could take several weeks to arrange accommodations, so it is most helpful if students identify their needs prior to their arrival on campus or the beginning of a semester. However, Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) is available to work with students with disabilities at any point in the academic year. The SSD office is located in room 206 in the Schwitzer Student Center (second floor) and documentation should be submitted in this office. If you have questions about documentation or if you need copies of the required forms for submission, you can find them online or request them by calling 317-788-6153.

Registering for disability services

A student is not registered for disability services and may not receive accommodations until the appropriate documentation has been submitted to and approved by Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD). Providing information to the Admissions office or discussing disability services with an admissions counselor or faculty member does not automatically register you for services.


Disability documentation submitted by a student is confidential. Any accommodation a student receives is confidential and will not be noted on a transcript or permanent record. UIndy will not release any part of the documentation without the student's informed consent. Signing a release of information allows SSD to prepare accommodation memorandums for professors. These memorandums will be given to the student to personally deliver to his/her professor(s).